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Vidal Watermelon Slices - 90g

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Vidal, with its innovative candy craftsmanship, brings to the table a treat that encapsulates the very essence of summer: the Watermelon Slices. Shaped to resemble tiny slices of fresh watermelon, these gummies are a delightful fusion of visual charm and tantalizing taste.

At first glance, the attention to detail on these slices is evident. The green rind, the white melon layer, and the vibrant red core, complete with tiny black "seeds", make them a visual treat reminiscent of sunny picnics and beach outings. Their semi-translucent appearance gives them a juicy allure, hinting at the burst of flavour waiting within.

When it comes to taste, Vidal's Watermelon Slices deliver a refreshing punch. Each bite offers a sweet yet slightly tangy flavor, mimicking the natural taste of a ripe watermelon. The chewy texture adds depth to the experience, making them an irresistible snack. Whether it's a warm summer day or a moment when you're longing for a hint of sunshine, these gummy slices transport you straight to those sun-kissed memories.

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