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Tootsie Crows Theatre Box 6.5oz (184g)

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Tootsie Crows are a type of candy that is, essentially, the black licoricey version of Dots. These chewy gumdrops are recognized for their distinctive flavour derived from the extract of the liquorice root. While they might not be everyone's first choice due to the polarizing flavour of black liquorice, Tootsie Crows have their loyal fan base who appreciate their unique and bold taste. They serve as an intriguing option for those willing to explore diverse flavour profiles in candy. The candy's chewy texture coupled with its bold flavour makes it a distinct and memorable treat in the candy world.

Imported from the USA.

Corn Syrup , Sugar , Modified Food Starch , Natural And Artificial Flavors , Artificial Colors (Including) , (FD&C Blue 1 , FD&C Blue 1 , Yellow 5 , Red 40 , Red 40) , Licorice Extract
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Country of Manufacture United States
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