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Slush Puppie Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy - 30g

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Slush Puppie Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy evokes the nostalgia of summers past, bringing back memories of sipping on icy, slushy drinks on hot days. Now, this iconic flavor has been woven into the airy, melt-in-your-mouth texture of cotton candy, offering a sweet retreat that's hard to resist.

The bright blue hue of the cotton candy immediately captures attention, promising a taste as vibrant as its appearance. Once you take a bite, the fluffy strands dissolve instantly, leaving behind the tangy and sweet essence of blue raspberry. It's a delightful merger of two childhood favourites: the refreshing taste of a blue raspberry Slush Puppie and the whimsical pleasure of cotton candy. Whether you're looking to relive fond memories or introduce a new generation to the magic of Slush Puppie, this cotton candy version delivers an unexpected twist on a beloved classic. Perfect for parties, carnivals, or just an ordinary day when you need a sugary pick-me-up, this treat is sure to be a hit among both young and old.
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