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Pick N Mix Pouch - Bottle Mix - 250g

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Introducing our delightful Pick and Mix Bottle Candy Pouch, a unique and whimsical assortment of sweet treats inspired by iconic beverage bottles. This pouch is a playful homage to your favourite drinks, offering a tantalising selection of bottle-shaped candies that will quench your thirst for deliciousness.

Indulge in the fizzy sensation of our Cola Bottles and Tutti Frutti Bottles. These chewy treats capture the classic cola flavour, complete with the iconic bottle shape that brings back memories of sipping your favourite soda on a hot summer day. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess as you bite into these delectable gummies.

This Pouch Includes:
- Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
- Sour Cola Bottles 
- Mini Tutti Frutti Bottles
- Pint Pots 

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