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Warheads Easter Scrambler Egg - 3.85oz (109g)

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Warheads Easter Scrambler Egg

The Warheads Easter Scrambler Egg is a fun and tangy treat designed to add excitement to Easter celebrations. This product features a plastic egg filled with an assortment of Warheads candy, including sour hard candies, chewy candies, and other sour treats. The mix of flavours and candy types offers a delightful surprise for those who enjoy the thrilling kick of sourness Warheads is known for. Perfect for Easter egg hunts or as a playful gift, this scrambler egg brings a twist to traditional Easter sweets with its bold, sour flavours.

Its packaging, shaped like an egg, adds a festive touch to Easter baskets, making it a standout addition that's sure to capture the attention of both children and adults. The Warheads Easter Scrambler Egg is an innovative way to enjoy the holiday, combining the spirit of Easter with the adventurous taste Warheads fans love.

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