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Vidal Sour Belts Cola - SINGLE

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Vidal Sour Cola Belts are a tantalizing twist on the classic cola flavour, merging the beloved soda taste with a candy form that’s both chewy and sour. These confections are a testament to Vidal’s knack for creating gummies that don't just satisfy the sweet tooth but also bring in a playful edge, perfect for those who crave a little extra zing in their treats.

Visually, the belts are a treat to behold. Their deep, cola-brown hue intertwined with translucent streaks replicates the fizzing bubbles one would expect in a freshly opened bottle of soda. The surface is generously sprinkled with a sour sugar coating, adding a crystalline sparkle and hinting at the taste adventure to come. This sugar isn’t just for show; it's the first taste that hits the tongue, offering an initial sour punch that gradually melds into the familiar, comforting sweetness of cola.

The dual experience of the sour onset followed by the sweet cola undertone makes these belts a multi-layered treat. Their chewy texture ensures that with every bite, the flavours linger, allowing one to fully savour the journey from sour to sweet. Ideal for themed parties, nostalgic candy buffets, or simply as a snack to enjoy during a movie night, Vidal Sour Cola Belts invite both the young and the young-at-heart into a fizzy, sour-sweet escapade that's refreshingly delightful. Whether you're a cola enthusiast or just someone with a penchant for unique gummies, these belts are bound to be a delightful discovery.

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