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Vidal Jelly Teeth - 3.5oz (100g)

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As Halloween looms, there's always a hunt for treats that both delight and give a playful nod to the macabre. Enter Vidal's Jelly Teeth, a candy creation that marries whimsy with a dash of the eerie. Designed to mimic realistic teeth, these gummies exhibit meticulous attention to detail, from the curve of the gums to the translucent sheen of the tooth enamel.

Beyond their intriguing design, Vidal's Jelly Teeth promise a delightful taste experience. Their chewy consistency paired with a burst of sweet flavor ensures that they're not just visually appealing, but also a treat for the palate. Every bite is a harmonious blend of texture and taste, making them a favorite among candy connoisseurs.

For those prepping their Halloween treat bags or setting up a themed candy buffet, Vidal's Jelly Teeth are a must-add. They not only cater to the season's spooky spirit but also ensure that the flavour isn't compromised. In a bowl full of typical Halloween candies, these jelly teeth stand out, ready to give a playful bite to the festivities.
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