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Sour Patch

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Sour Patch Cherries 2oz (56g)

Picked from the ripest Cherry trees, these are the most delicious and sour cherries to be found in all of Sour Patch land! Perfectly formed and coated in lip-lickingly good sour sugar crystals, these will have your tongue-tingling at first but they give way to a sweet and chewy cherry-flavoured gummy underneath. They're sour, then sweet, then before you know it, they're gone! 

Imported from the USA.

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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Find out more about Sour Patch

Did you know? - Sour patch was founded by some of the biggest names in candy history like John Cadbury (founder of Cadburys) and James Kraft (founder of Kraft Foods).

Sour patch is a brand of American sweets that comes in both the sweet and sour variety. Many different flavours and sizes of sour patch are available and they make for excellent sweets to give at parties or on Halloween!

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