Skittles - Sweets & Sours - 2oz (56.7g)

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Skittles - Sweets & Sours - 2oz (56.7g)

Skittles Sweets & Sours contains a lucky dip of sweet flavoured candy and sour flavoured candy. Sweet Strawberry, Sweet Orange, Sour Watermelon, Sour Cherry and Sour Blue Raspberry. Which one will you get?

The only candy that punishes you and rewards you!

Imported from the USA.

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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Did you know? - The Skittles Facebook page is one of the most liked pages on Facebook with over 25 million likes due to the pages comical posts.

Skittles are a small round candy that comes in many different flavours and colours. Each pack contains all the colours of the rainbow which has given skittles the catch phrase taste the rainbow Skittles are perfect for sharing because of there size and can be enjoyed by people of all ages on all occasions!

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