Now & Later CHEWY Orchard Fruits Long Lasting Chews 2.75oz (78g)

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Now & Later

Now & Later CHEWY Orchard Fruits Long Lasting Chews 2.75oz (78g)

Now & Later CHEWY Orchard Fruits contains 18 individually wrapped bite-size pieces of softer, orchard fruit flavoured taffy, including cherry, grape and apple.

Imported from the USA.

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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Did you know? - Now & Later started out as normal salt water taffy however due to competition in the area they had to create new flavours to stay ahead, this eventually lead to the flavours of Now & Later you see today.

Soft chewy pieces of fruit flavoured taffy! These tiny squares are a perfect way to give you a small burst of outstanding fruity flavour that really lasts. There are over 19 different flavours available of these tiny share sized squares.

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