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Minions Candy Sticks With Stickers - 16g

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Minions Candy Sticks with Stickers are a delightful treat for young fans of the lovable Minions. These fruit-flavoured candy sticks are a burst of fruity goodness, perfect for a sweet snack time. Each pack comes with a set of fun and colourful Minions stickers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the treat. The vibrant packaging features the iconic Minions, making it an irresistible choice for children.

Not only do these candy sticks offer a tasty treat, but the included stickers also provide a playful element that kids can enjoy long after the candy is gone. Ideal for parties, rewards, or just a special everyday treat, Minions Candy Sticks with Stickers are sure to bring joy and a touch of Minion mischief to any occasion.

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