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Millions Squishies Iron Brew - 150g

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Millions Squishies taps into the unique flavour profile of the legendary Iron Brew to create a sweet treat that's sure to intrigue and delight. The iconic Iron Brew taste, often described as a vibrant blend of citrus, spice, and vanilla, finds its way into the heart of these chewy, miniature sweets. Each bite-sized treat delivers a burst of the effervescent flavour, reminiscent of the classic Scottish beverage.

The texture of Squishies stands true to their name – soft, pliable, and irresistibly chewy. The combination of this delightful mouthfeel with the unique Iron Brew flavour makes for an exceptional snacking experience. Perfect for those with adventurous taste buds or anyone seeking a taste of Scottish nostalgia, Millions Squishies Iron Brew offers a delightful confectionery twist on a beloved classic.

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