Mike & Ike - Mega Mix Theatre Box 5oz (141g)

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Mike and Ike

Mike & Ike - Mega Mix Theatre Box 5oz (141g)

Mike & Ike Mega Mix is an exciting collection from the beloved chewy candy brand, featuring a diverse array of flavours to suit every palate. This mix includes ten different flavours, offering a delightful variety of tastes ranging from fruity to tangy. The selection in the Mega Mix includes Caribbean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise Punch, Grape Soda, Kiwi-Banana, and more, each providing a unique and enjoyable taste experience.

The oblong, chewy texture of Mike & Ike candies is a consistent favourite, and the Mega Mix takes this to the next level with its diverse flavour options. Perfect for those who enjoy a medley of tastes, the Mega Mix is ideal for snacking, sharing at gatherings, or as a fun treat to explore different flavour combinations. Whether you're a long-time fan of Mike & Ike or new to the brand, the Mega Mix offers a playful and tasty exploration of flavours.

Imported from the USA. 

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