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Gurley's Orange Slices - 4.25oz (120g)

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Gurley's Orange Slices are a delightful candy that brings the zesty and refreshing taste of citrus to your palate. These chewy, orange-shaped sweets are a vibrant burst of sunshine in every bite, making them a go-to choice for those who crave a tangy and sweet citrus experience.

With every Gurley's Orange Slice, you'll enjoy the true essence of a ripe and juicy orange. The candy's vivid orange hue mirrors the fruit's appearance, and its lively flavour combines the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. These chewy slices are ideal for anyone who appreciates the invigorating taste of oranges.

Whether you're savouring them as a tasty snack, using them to add a citrusy touch to your desserts, or even experimenting with them in your culinary creations, Gurley's Orange Slices are a versatile and delicious treat that brings the sunny flavours of citrus right to your taste buds. So, enjoy a slice, relish the vibrant goodness, and let it transport you to a citrus grove with each delightful chew!

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