Chewy Lemonhead - Fruit Mix - 0.8oz (23g)

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Chewy Lemonhead - Fruit Mix - 0.8oz (23g)

Unleash a kaleidoscope of fruit flavors with every bite of Chewy Lemonhead's Fruit Mix. These delightful candies are a burst of tangy-sweet delight, representing Lemonhead's expert blend of sour and sweet.

From the moment you open the pack, a fruity aroma teases your senses, hinting at the taste adventure to come. Each piece is a vibrant jewel of flavour. With an array of colours and tastes ranging from classic lemon to cherry, lime, strawberry, and more, this mix is designed to tantalize the taste buds.

As you pop one into your mouth, the chewy exterior gives way to a soft, juicy core. It's a burst of vibrant fruitiness mingled with that signature Lemonhead tang, making for a delightful balance that keeps you reaching for just one more.

Ideal for sharing (or for enjoying solo), Chewy Lemonhead's Fruit Mix is a tribute to fruity candy lovers everywhere. Whether you're watching a movie, taking a break, or simply wanting a fruity treat, these chewy morsels are sure to satisfy. Dive into the fruity frenzy and let the flavours dance on your tongue!

Imported from the USA.

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