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American Rainbow Bears Pineapple - 250g

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American Rainbow Bears, exclusive to American Fizz, are a vibrant and flavourful selection of gummy bears, each bear bursting with a unique fruit flavour. This delightful assortment includes a wide range of tastes: Green Apple, Wild Cherry, Mango, Watermelon, Grape, Pink Grapefruit, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry-Banana, Pineapple and Strawberry. Each flavour is represented by a distinct colour, making the mix not only delicious to taste but also visually appealing.

These gummies are perfect for those who love a diverse flavour experience. The soft and chewy texture of the bears combined with the array of flavours – from the tangy zing of Pink Grapefruit to the tropical sweetness of Mango – ensures a delightful snacking adventure. They are ideal for enjoying as a fruity treat, adding a pop of colour and flavour to desserts, or serving as a playful and tasty addition to parties and gatherings. The exclusive range of flavours available in the American Rainbow Bears at American Fizz makes them a sought-after item for gummy enthusiasts and anyone looking to indulge in a fun, flavourful, and high-quality candy experience.
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