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That's Sweet! Gummy Fries & Candy Ketchup - 3.35oz (95g)

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That's Sweet! Gummy Fries offer a whimsical and delicious twist on traditional gummy candies, combining playful presentation with fruity flavours. These gummies are uniquely shaped like French fries, providing a fun and novel take on one of the world's most beloved snack foods. The gummies themselves are fruit-flavoured, offering a sweet and chewy experience that's different from the typical potato-based fries. This innovative design is not only visually appealing but also adds an element of playfulness to the snacking experience.

Accompanying the gummy fries is a packet of strawberry-flavoured candy gel, designed to mimic ketchup. This 'ketchup' enhances the experience, adding an extra layer of sweetness and fruitiness to the gummies. The combination of the soft, chewy texture of the gummies with the smooth, rich strawberry gel creates a delightful contrast in both texture and flavour. That's Sweet! Gummy Fries are perfect for those who enjoy fun and creative candies, and they are especially appealing to children. They are an excellent choice for themed parties, as a novel gift, or simply as a tasty treat that brings a unique and enjoyable twist to gummy candies.

Imported from the USA.
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