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Tango Chewbies Orange - 30g

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Savor the tangy and refreshing flavor of Tango Chewbies Orange, a chewy candy that's like a burst of citrus sunshine in every bite. These delightful orange-flavored chewies offer a unique and zesty taste experience that's sure to tingle your taste buds.

Each Tango Chewbies Orange candy is a symphony of sweet and tart notes, capturing the essence of juicy oranges. Whether you're enjoying them as a quick treat, sharing them with friends, or simply seeking a citrusy escape, Tango Chewbies Orange promises a flavourful journey that's as vibrant and invigorating as biting into a ripe orange. So, unwrap one, take a chew, and let the zesty citrus bliss transport you to a world of orange-flavoured delight!
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Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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