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Slush Puppie Paw Power Candy Spray - 25ml

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The Slush Puppie Paw Power Candy Spray in Blue Raspberry flavour is a creative and interactive candy experience, inspired by the popular Slush Puppie frozen beverage. This unique spray candy captures the tart and sweet essence of blue raspberry, a favourite among Slush Puppie fans, in a liquid form that's fun and easy to enjoy. The idea of a candy spray adds an exciting twist to the traditional candy format, offering a burst of flavour with each spray.

The packaging of the Paw Power Candy Spray is designed to be vibrant and eye-catching, in line with the Slush Puppie brand's playful and colourful aesthetic. Its blue raspberry flavour is usually represented with a bright blue colour, making it visually appealing and easily recognizable. Perfect for Slush Puppie enthusiasts or anyone looking for a novel candy experience, this spray candy is great for parties, as a quirky treat for kids, or as a unique snack option for those who enjoy sweet and tangy flavours.
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