Kidsmania Candy Filled Bubble Blaster 1.27oz (36g)

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Kidsmania Candy Filled Bubble Blaster 1.27oz (36g)

This fun and colourful Bubble Blaster combines two treats in one package! Firstly, it contains super sweet candy balls, and after those are emptied, you've got yourself a fully functional water pistol, perfect for those hot summer days! Kids will love this!

Imported from the USA.

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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Did you know? - Kidsmania started off designing kids toys before they started making candy, until one day in 1998 they decided to merge the two ideas resulting in a fantastic range of sweet filled toys!

Kidsmania are the number one world class brand that specialises in making only the best novelty candys that are ideal for kids parties or gifts. Kidsmania sweets come in a variety of tasty sweet and sour flavours and come in all the colours of the rainbow!

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