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Harry Potter Slytherin House Crest Tin w/ Jelly Beans - (28g)

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The Harry Potter Slytherin House Crest Tin is a unique confluence of the enthralling universe of Harry Potter and the sweet expertise of Jelly Belly's beloved jelly beans. Slytherin, known for its ambition, leadership, and cunning, is beautifully captured on this tin. The striking crest displays the House's serpent, symbolizing the resourcefulness and determination that Slytherins are revered for.

Inside the meticulously designed tin, a treasure awaits in the form of Jelly Belly's signature jelly beans. Every jelly bean is a testament to Jelly Belly's dedication to flavour excellence, promising an enchanting taste journey. Whether you're indulging in one flavour at a time or combining them for a flavourful surprise, the beans are sure to bewitch your palate. Beyond the delightful edibles, the tin itself is a gem for collectors and die-hard fans of the Harry Potter saga. Once the treats are gone, the tin can be repurposed as a collector's item or a cherished memento of the mesmerizing world that J.K. Rowling has conjured. With its distinctive design and sweet offerings, the Slytherin House Crest Tin is an impeccable gift choice for any avid Harry Potter enthusiast or those who love a magical gustatory experience.

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