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Harry Potter Knight Bus Money Tin w/ Chewy Candy - 112g

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All aboard the magical Knight Bus! The Harry Potter Knight Bus Money Tin is a delightful confluence of the enchanting world of Harry Potter and the tantalizing realm of chewy candy. This triple-decker, violet bus has whisked many a stray witch or wizard to their desired destination in the world of Harry Potter. It's an iconic vehicle known for its wild rides and the quirky conductor, Stan Shunpike.

This particular tin, however, isn't just a mode of transportation for wizards; it's a treasure trove filled with chewy candies that are sure to bewitch your taste buds. Each piece of candy promises a burst of flavour, making it a mystical journey of taste. But the magic doesn't end once the candy is gone. The tin, emblazoned with the distinctive look of the Knight Bus, doubles up as a money tin, turning into a fun and whimsical way to save your coins. It's the perfect keepsake for Harry Potter enthusiasts and a practical piece of memorabilia. Every glance at the tin will whisk you away to the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley and the magical world that so many have come to love. It's not just a treat but a journey into the heart of the wizarding world, making it an exquisite gift for fans and candy lovers alike.

There's 5 intense fruit flavours in 5 iconic magical shapes, our gummies make the perfect soft chew treat. Packs are randomly assorted and may not contain every flavour.

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Country of Manufacture Thailand
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