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Espeez - Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pop - 2.3oz (64g)

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Prepare for a candy adventure like no other with Espeez Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pop. This colossal jawbreaker delivers not only a burst of vibrant colours but also a multi-layered journey through a rainbow of flavours.

Each Espeez Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pop is a work of candy art, featuring layer upon layer of colourful, fruity flavours. As you lick your way through, you'll encounter a symphony of tastes that range from tangy to sweet, all wrapped up in a jaw-dropping candy creation. It's like experiencing a fireworks show in your mouth! Whether you're a jawbreaker enthusiast or simply looking for a candy treat that's as exciting as it is delicious, these colossal pops promise a flavourful adventure that's as colourful and exhilarating as a candy carnival. So, unwrap one, start your sweet journey, and let your taste buds explode with joy!

Imported from the USA.

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Country of Manufacture Canada
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