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Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans Candies Pouch - 2oz (57g)

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The Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans Candies Pouch is a delightful treat for fans of the iconic anime series, combining a fun theme with a tangy candy experience. This pouch is inspired by the magical Senzu Beans featured in Dragon Ball Z, known for their healing powers in the series. Instead of actual Senzu Beans, this pouch contains sour green apple candy "beans," offering a zesty and tangy flavour that's both refreshing and enjoyable.

The candies are designed to resemble the mythical Senzu Beans in appearance but are packed with a sour green apple taste, making them a hit among those who enjoy fruity and sour flavours. Adding to the appeal is the pouch itself, which is adorned with a design featuring Korin, the character from Dragon Ball Z known for growing the Senzu Beans in the series. The fabric pouch not only serves as a fun and unique packaging for the candies but also becomes a collectible item for Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts. This candy pouch is perfect for gifting to fans of the anime, as a novelty treat for themed parties, or simply as a fun and flavourful snack for anyone who appreciates the combination of sour candy and popular culture references.

Imported from the USA.

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