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Candy Castle Crew Squeezee Headz - 30g

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Candy Castle Crew Squeezee Headz is a fun and interactive candy experience that combines the deliciousness of gel candy with the excitement of a novelty dispenser. Each Squeezee Headz features a unique dispenser design where the candy gel, available in either strawberry or blue raspberry flavor, is dispensed by pushing the legs into the head. This engaging mechanism not only makes snacking enjoyable but also adds an element of surprise and playfulness to the candy-eating process.

The choice between strawberry and blue raspberry flavors offers a delightful dilemma, with both options providing a burst of fruity sweetness. Strawberry brings a classic, juicy sweetness that is universally loved, while blue raspberry offers a tangy, vibrant alternative. The novelty dispensers are designed with fun and colorful characters from the Candy Castle Crew, making them appealing to collectors and young candy enthusiasts alike. Whether received as a surprise flavour or specifically requested, Candy Castle Crew Squeezee Headz are sure to provide a memorable and tasty snacking adventure, blending the joy of toys with the pleasure of candy.

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