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Dobsons Tropical Fruit Mega Lolly - 23.7g [UK]

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Dobsons Tropical Fruit Mega Lolly is an explosion of tropical flavours encased in a delightful lollipop. With Dobsons' reputable expertise in crafting mouthwatering confections, this Mega Lolly stands as a testament to their ability to transport taste buds to sun-soaked beaches and island retreats with just a single taste.

Unwrapping the lolly reveals a radiant and inviting mix of colours, indicative of the myriad tropical fruits that inspire its flavour profile. Each lick brings forth waves of sweet mango, tangy passion fruit, juicy pineapple, and a hint of zesty citrus. The interplay of these flavours ensures a balanced dance of sweetness and tartness, mirroring the refreshing feel of a tropical fruit punch.

Perfect for those who yearn for a brief escape to a beachside paradise, Dobsons Tropical Fruit Mega Lolly not only quenches your candy cravings but also evokes memories of summer holidays, poolside lounging, and the invigorating aroma of fruit-laden trees. It's not just a candy; it's an experience that sings of sunshine, sand, and serenity.

*This listing is for one SINGLE Dobsons Tropical Fruit Mega Lollipop.
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