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Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans - 70g

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Jelly Belly Toast Marshmallow

Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans offer a delightful twist on the classic campfire treat, capturing the essence of perfectly roasted marshmallows in every bite. Crafted with precision by Jelly Belly, these jelly beans boast a warm and toasty flavor profile reminiscent of marshmallows caramelized over an open flame. With their creamy texture and rich taste, these jelly beans provide a nostalgic and comforting indulgence that's perfect for any occasion.

Each Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Bean is expertly made using high-quality ingredients, ensuring a velvety smooth texture and authentic flavor experience. Whether enjoyed on their own as a sweet treat or mixed with other Jelly Belly flavors to create your own custom blend, these toasted marshmallow jelly beans are sure to delight candy lovers of all ages. Whether you're craving a taste of childhood nostalgia or simply looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans are a deliciously satisfying choice that's sure to bring warmth and joy to your day.

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Country of Manufacture Thailand
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