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Jelly Belly 6th Edition Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box (100g)

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Introducing Jelly Belly's 6th EDITION BeanBoozled 100g Spinner Game! Think non-lethal Russian Roulette - spin the wheel and let the game dictate the next colour bean someone has to eat. Only you won't know if it's yum or yuk! For each colour of bean, there's a possibility of two flavours; either something nice and sweet or something you definitely don't want to eat!! For example, the spinner lands on a brown bean and you pick one out - now that could be delicious chocolate pudding flavour or Canned Dog Food! You won't know until you chew! Fake-out your family & friends. Just don't get BeanBoozled yourself!

Full Flavour Line up: NEW * Liver & Onions/Cappuccino - Old Bandage/Pomegranate * NEW

Rotten Egg/Buttered Popcorn, Toothpaste/Berry Blue, Barf/Peach, Stink Bug/Toasted Marshmallow, Booger/Juicy Pear, Dirty Dishwater/Birthday Cake, Stinky Socks/Tutti-Frutti, Dead Fish/Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

Contents are randomly assorted and may not contain every flavour. 

Imported from the USA.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified cornstarch, flavourings, salt, acidity regulators (E325, E330, E331), glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), peach puree concentrate, banana puree, fruit and vegetable concentrates (apple, carrot, black currant, spirulina, pumpkin, hibiscus, grape), colours (E100, E150a, E162), pear juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, freeze-dried soluble coffee, tapioca dextrin.

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Country of Manufacture Thailand
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