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Mentos Roll Rainbow - 37.5g

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Unveiling the vibrant spectrum of flavours, Mentos presents its "Roll Rainbow" – a delightful concoction that promises a journey of taste with each piece. These chewy dragees are synonymous with freshness and burst with an effervescent zest that Mentos fans around the world have come to adore.

The Rainbow roll is a colourful collection, with each hue representing a different tantalising flavour. From tangy to sweet, this roll ensures every palate finds its match. The candies are encased in the familiar Mentos packaging, ensuring freshness and ease of access, whether you're sharing with friends or relishing them solo. It's an explosion of taste and colour in every bite, ensuring that with Mentos Roll Rainbow, there's never a dull moment.

Product of the EU.

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Country of Manufacture Netherlands
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