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Doscher's Candy House Fire Candy Buttons - 0.50oz (14g)

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Doscher's Candy House Fire Candy Buttons take a daring spin on the traditional candy by infusing them with a potent combination of cinnamon flavor and capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers that provides heat. These candy buttons deliver a warm, spicy cinnamon taste initially, which quickly escalates into a fiery sensation thanks to the capsaicin. This unique blend makes the Fire Candy Buttons a thrilling choice for those who seek out adventurous and spicy flavors in their sweets.

Ideal for spice enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a zesty challenge to their candy consumption, Doscher's Fire Candy Buttons are not just a treat but an experience. They are perfect for spice-themed parties, as a daring snack for gatherings, or even as a fun gift for friends who enjoy testing their spice tolerance. Each button offers a burst of intense cinnamon heat, making them a memorable and fiery addition to the candy button lineup.

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