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Hannah's White Jazzles - 140g

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Hannah's White Jazzles offer a delectable twist to the classic confectionery treat, with their creamy white chocolate foundation and vibrant candy sprinkle topping. These treats exude a sense of nostalgia, bringing memories of celebrations and childhood sweetness to the forefront.

The initial bite into a White Jazzle presents the rich and velvety texture of premium white chocolate, which offers a gentle sweetness. This sweetness is punctuated by the fun crunch of the multi-coloured candy sprinkles on top. Each sprinkle not only adds a contrasting texture but also a touch of joy with its festive appearance. Whether you're savouring them at a party, during movie nights, or as an indulgent snack during a break, Hannah's White Jazzles are sure to delight both your taste buds and your spirit. They encapsulate the whimsy of youth, making every moment feel like a special occasion.
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