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Now & Later 6 Piece Pineapple Candy 0.93oz (26g)

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Now & Later

Now & Later 6 Piece Pineapple Candy 0.93oz (26g)

Step into a burst of tropical delight with Now & Later's Pineapple edition! Known for their enduring chewiness and vibrant flavours, Now & Later candies consistently offer an extended, flavourful experience, and their Pineapple variety is no exception.

Unwrap a piece, and you're immediately greeted with the sunny, sweet aroma of ripe pineapples. As you bite down, the chewy texture unravels, revealing a tangy and sweet pineapple essence that seems to whisk you away to a beachy paradise. Each candy promises prolonged enjoyment, capturing the essence of its name – 'Now & Later'. Packaged in sets of six, these treats are perfect for those moments when you need a quick tropical escape or when you wish to relish a longer, island-inspired indulgence. So, whenever you fancy a burst of sunshine and sweetness, reach out for a Now & Later Pineapple candy and let the good vibes roll! 

Imported from the USA.

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