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Charms Caramel Apple Super Blow Pop 1.125oz (32g)

Just like all good caramel apples, these beauties come on a stick. And, also like all good caramel apples, these shiny delicacies are utterly delicious. But they have something the normal version tends to lack -- a hard candy outside and a chewy gum interior, that is!

These delightful MEGA sized Blow Pops are actually tri-tiered suckers, starting off with a fancy caramel flavored outer coat, which is quickly followed by a delectable layer of green appley goodness, just like the actual version! But the real fun lies in the center -- as promised by the Blow Pop name, once you bite down, you’re greeted by a fantastic burst of sweet green apple bubblegum! The fun never stops with Blow Pops.
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