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Taste of Nature

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy - 3.1oz (88g)

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy is an innovative twist on traditional cotton candy, infusing the unique and beloved flavour of Dr Pepper soda into the light, airy texture of spun sugar. This cotton candy captures the distinctive blend of 23 flavours that Dr Pepper is famous for, offering a sweet and slightly fruity taste with a hint of spiciness that sets it apart from classic cotton candy flavours.

Ideal for fans of Dr Pepper and those looking for a novel cotton candy experience, this treat combines the nostalgic pleasure of cotton candy with the familiar taste of a popular soft drink. It's perfect for enjoying at fairs, parties, or as a special treat. Dr Pepper Cotton Candy offers a fun and unique way to enjoy the flavours of one of America's favourite sodas in a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth format.

Imported from the USA

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Taste of Nature

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