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Tootsie Charleston Chew - Big Bar - 4oz (113g)

The Tootsie Charleston Chew Big Bar is a classic American candy bar that has been delighting sweet tooths for generations. This iconic treat consists of a chewy, nougat-like centre that's flavoured with either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, depending on the variety. The chewy centre is coated in a rich, creamy layer of milk chocolate, creating a delectable contrast of textures and flavours.

The Tootsie Charleston Chew Big Bar is known for its generous size, making it perfect for those who want a substantial candy bar to satisfy their sweet cravings. Its chewy, fluffy interior and smooth milk chocolate coating combine to create a unique and enjoyable candy experience. Whether you prefer the classic chocolate flavour or enjoy the fruity twist of strawberry or vanilla, Charleston Chew Big Bars are a nostalgic treat that continues to bring joy to candy lovers of all ages. Grab one for a delightful trip down memory lane or to introduce a new generation to this timeless candy classic.

Imported from the USA.

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