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Reese's Overload - 42g

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Aptly named, the Reese's Overload is a delightful confection that truly takes peanut butter love to a new dimension. It’s an indulgent treat that encapsulates the iconic taste of Reese's in a bar format, ensuring every bite is filled with the brand's renowned rich and creamy flavors.

Starting with a foundation of soft peanut butter crème, this bar is then interspersed with crunchy Reese's Pieces and topped with a layer of smooth caramel, all encased in the classic Reese's milk chocolate. For fans of peanut butter and chocolate, the Reese's Overload offers an intensified experience, blending textures and flavours into a harmonious and delicious treat.

Imported from the USA.
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Country of Manufacture Malaysia
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