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Cookie Dough Bites Easter Confetti Eggs - 3.1oz (88g)

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Cookie Dough Bites Eggs
Imported from the USA

Cookie Dough Bites Easter Confetti Eggs take the beloved concept of edible cookie dough to a festive and delightful new level, perfect for the Easter season. These treats consist of speckled cookie dough eggs, mimicking the appearance of traditional Easter eggs with their colorful and playful speckles. Inside each egg lies a rich and gooey fudge brownie center, offering a delicious surprise that combines the soft texture of cookie dough with the dense, chocolatey goodness of a brownie.

The combination of the cookie dough exterior and the fudge brownie interior makes these Easter Confetti Eggs a uniquely indulgent treat. They're designed to be enjoyed right out of the package, with no baking required, making them a convenient and mess-free option for satisfying sweet cravings. Ideal for Easter baskets, holiday gatherings, or simply as a special springtime snack, Cookie Dough Bites Easter Confetti Eggs are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the combination of cookie dough and brownies. Their festive appearance and delicious taste make them a memorable treat for the Easter season and beyond.

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