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Reed's Real Ginger Ale - 20oz (591ml)

If you're looking for REAL Ginger Ale made with real ginger, you've come to the right place! Unlike other popular American ginger ales, this ginger ale is made with real ginger and is sweetened with cane sugar for a natural, authentic taste. If you're going to have any ginger ale at all, make sure it's Reed's real ginger ale.

  • REAL GINGER IN EVERY BOTTLE: Not just ginger flavoring or extract like mainstream alternatives, Reed's blends their crisp ginger ale with pressed organic ginger juice in every batch. It's time to get real.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A clean, crisp and classic taste, Reed's blends Sparkling Filtered Water, Cane Sugar, Pressed Organic Ginger, Natural Flavors and Citric Acid to create a pure satisfying fizzy drink.
  • REFRESHING AND BUBBLY: As you would expect from a ginger ale, Reed's Real Ginger Ale provides thirst-quenching satisfaction. Add back some sparkle to your drink routine.
  • ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF GINGER: Ginger is well known globally for its health-promoting properties making Reed's Real Ginger Ale, with lots of fresh ginger, the best choice.
Imported from the USA.

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