Jarritos Jamaica Soda 12.5fl.oz (370ml)

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Jarritos Jamaica Soda 12.5fl.oz (370ml)

Flowers are nice, but a refreshingly sweet soda made with hibiscus flowers and 100% real sugar is nicer. It’s like Valentine’s Day, everyday!

Imported from the USA.
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Did you know? - The name Jarritos means little jugs in Spanish, referring to the clay jugs that use to be used to keep drinks cold before refrigerators where common place.

A bottle of liquid heaven, all the way from Mexico each Jarritos drink is made with real Mexican cane sugar and uses only natural flavorings. These tasty refreshing drinks are perfect on a hot summers day or at a picnic with the family and each sip will bring you that hydrating refreshing satisfaction your looking for.

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