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Mentos Apple Soda Kick Soda - 240ml [EU]

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Plunge into the effervescent world of Mentos Apple Soda Kick, a beverage that encapsulates the crispness of freshly-picked apples with an unexpected, invigorating twist. This sparkling drink is a fusion of nature's sweetness and the thrill of carbonation, taking you on a journey through orchards bathed in golden sunlight, with every bubbly sip brimming with excitement.

The first taste of Mentos Apple Soda Kick reveals the authentic flavor of ripe apples, capturing their juicy essence and natural sweetness. But, as the name suggests, there's more — a surprising kick that adds a layer of depth and intrigue. This unexpected twist harmoniously melds with the apple's inherent freshness, delivering a sensory experience that's both familiar and thrillingly new.

Mentos Apple Soda Kick isn't just another fizzy drink; it's an adventure in a glass. Whether you're celebrating a special moment, craving a mid-day refreshment, or looking for the perfect beverage to accompany a meal, this soda offers a unique blend of flavours that's sure to awaken and delight the palate. Take a sip, embrace the kick, and let the apple adventure unfold!
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