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Snapple Diet Trop-A-Rocka Tea 16oz (473ml)

Trop-A-Rocka-Roll! Snapple's All Natural Fruit Punch captures the delicious taste of a summer-ripened basket of tropical fruit into this cool and refreshing diet beverage. Enjoy the blended flavours of; Mango, Pear, Papaya and Cinnamon. Perfect when served chilled straight from the fridge, this delicious thirst-quencher is ideal on a hot summer's day. Made from the Best Stuff on Earth! 

Imported from the USA.

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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Did you know? - Snapple earned its name due to a bottle of fermented apple juice exploding in the early stages of the drinks manufacturing.

Snapple is a popular brand of teas and juices. Snapple originally was sold only as apple juice, but eventually ice teas and other flavour juices made their ways onto the shelf as Snapples reputation for tasty drinks grew.

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