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Hi-C Orange Lavaburst 6fl.oz (177ml) CARTON

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst 6fl.oz (177ml) CARTON
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This product has a serving size of 1g.

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Find out more about Hi-C

Did you know? - HI-C was the first product of its kind that did not need to be refrigerated after being opened, this combined with the fact that there weren't many other healthy drink options at the time is what made HI-C the popular brand that it is today.

One day a man named Niles Foster decided to make a drink that was both tasty and refreshing but also rich in vitamin c, after a year of planning and developing that drink became HI-C the tasty and unique beverage that's enjoyed by millions of Americans every year because of its refreshing nature and wide variety of flavors.

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