Starburst Zero Sugar Lemon Singles to Go - 0.59oz (16.6g)

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Starburst Zero Sugar Lemon Singles to Go - 0.59oz (16.6g)

Starburst is the unexplainably juicy candy that unleashes your playful side! Now you can take the great taste of Starburst candy wherever you go with these Starburst singles to go drink mix sachets! Each box contains 6 stick sachets that can be used to transform your boring water into a lemon Starburst-flavoured low-calorie drink!


  1. Sip from a full bottle of water to make room for the powder
  2. *Pour one stick into a 16.9fl.oz (500ml) bottle of water or a large glass of water
  3. Shake bottle or stir until powder dissolves
  4. Enjoy!

*Optional: Mix with a 20fl.oz (591ml) bottle of water for a milder flavour.

  • Artificially flavoured
  • Low calorie
  • Zero Sugar
Imported from the USA.
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