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Diet Snapple Singles to go! Lemon Tea 6-Pack - 0.67oz (18.9g)

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Diet Snapple's Singles to Go! Lemon Tea offers a tantalizing blend of zesty lemon and rich tea flavours, all packed in a convenient, portable sachet. This drink mix embodies the essence of a chilled glass of iced lemon tea, ensuring that a refreshing beverage is just a stir away, no matter where you are. The lemon provides a citrusy kick, complementing the deep, earthy tones of the tea, resulting in a harmonious fusion that's both invigorating and soothing.

In keeping with the diet label, this drink mix is crafted for those who are health-conscious or watching their sugar intake. With reduced calories and the absence of artificial sweeteners, it serves as a guilt-free indulgence. Just pour, mix with water, and within moments, you're treated to a beverage that encapsulates the renowned Snapple taste. Perfect for on-the-go individuals or for those moments when you crave a quick and flavourful drink, Diet Snapple's Singles to Go! Lemon Tea is a delightful choice.

Imported from the USA.
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