Polar Seltzer Ruby Red Grapefruit 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml))

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Polar Seltzer Ruby Red Grapefruit 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml))

Family-owned and operated in Worcester, Massachusetts since 1882 Polar Beverages remains a beloved American brand. As consumer tastes have grown and evolved so have Polar Beverages - from their heritage recipes, such as Polar Orange Dry and Birch Beer, to the introduction of modern seltzers, Polar Beverages work hard to ensure they satisfy your thirst.

Polar Seltzer was originally made with only 3 ingredients – pure water, zillions of tiny bubbles to tingle your taste buds, and great tasting fruit flavour. Not much has changed except Polar Seltzer now crafts a larger variety of flavours and they no longer deliver by horse and carriage!

This refreshingly zesty Polar Seltzer Ruby Red Grapefruit comes in a convenient 12-Pack - water, bubbles and great taste is all you need! 

Imported from the USA.

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