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Voss Still Water Bottle - 850ml

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Voss Still Water has emerged as a symbol of purity and luxury in the bottled water market. Originating from the pristine environment of Norway, it is not just water; it's a testament to the beauty and purity of untouched natural resources. Every drop speaks of the region's dedication to preserving nature's finest elements and offering them to the world without compromise.

The packaging, a sleek and cylindrical clear bottle, embodies modern design aesthetics while echoing the brand's commitment to simplicity and elegance. It's not just about hydrating; it's about the experience, the feel of the bottle in your hand, and the crisp, refreshing taste of the water. This uncarbonated variant ensures a smooth, clean finish with every sip, allowing the drinker to truly appreciate the natural quality of the water.

For those seeking hydration without the additional frills of added minerals or flavours, Voss Still Water stands out as a premium choice. Whether accompanying a gourmet meal, gracing an event, or simply serving as a daily source of hydration, it's a drink that merges simplicity with sophistication.

They feature a wider mouth should you wish to infuse with fruit and are larger bottles which are great for dinner parties.
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