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Clearance Special - La Croix Apricot Sparkling Water 12oz (355ml) **Best Before: 23 March 24**

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LaCroix has become something of a sensation in the realm of sparkling beverages, particularly amongst those seeking a healthier, sugar-free alternative to traditional sodas. Offering a bouquet of flavours, LaCroix's Apricot variant stands out with its delicate and nuanced taste profile. Subtle, refreshing, and delightfully effervescent, this sparkling water captures the gentle essence of ripe apricots, making it a favoured choice for many.

Upon cracking open a can of LaCroix Apricot, one is immediately greeted with a soft, fragrant aroma that delicately hints at sun-ripened apricots. Unlike more overpowering fruit-flavoured beverages, this sparkling water prides itself on its understated flavour. The taste, much like the scent, is not overwhelmingly sweet or fruity. Instead, it gives a gentle nod to the apricot, offering just enough flavour to tantalise the taste buds without overpowering them.

For Brits who have grown up enjoying a variety of sparkling waters and fruit cordials, LaCroix's Apricot variant offers a new and refreshing twist. Perfect for sipping on a warm summer's day in the garden, accompanying a light lunch, or serving as a mixer in a cocktail, it provides a touch of fruitiness without the accompanying sugars or artificial ingredients. Its clean and crisp finish ensures that it appeals to those who value both taste and health in their choice of beverage.

Imported from the USA.

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