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Glico Pretz Sweet Corn - 1.09oz (31g)

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Glico Pretz Sweet Corn is a savory snack that captures the essence of sweet corn in a convenient, crispy biscuit stick form. This unique flavor offering from Glico, a brand renowned for its innovative and delicious snack creations, blends the sweetness and buttery taste of fresh sweet corn with the satisfying crunch of Pretz sticks. Each bite delivers a burst of corn flavor that's both authentic and comforting, making it a delightful snack for any time of day.

Ideal for those seeking a savory treat with a twist, Glico Pretz Sweet Corn sticks are perfect for snacking on the go, pairing with your favorite beverage, or sharing with friends. The combination of sweet corn flavor with the light, airy texture of Pretz sticks offers a unique snacking experience that's both flavorful and fulfilling. Whether you're a fan of sweet corn or simply looking for a new snack adventure, Glico Pretz Sweet Corn provides a tasty and convenient way to enjoy the beloved taste of sweet corn anytime, anywhere.

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