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David's Sunflower Seeds BBQ 5.25oz (149g)

David's Sunflower Seeds BBQ variety is a delightful twist on the classic sunflower seed snack, infusing the natural, nutty flavor of sunflower seeds with a bold and savory barbecue seasoning. Each seed is coated in a blend of spices that capture the essence of a traditional BBQ flavour, featuring hints of smoky sweetness, tang, and a mild kick of spice. This BBQ seasoning adds a delectable depth of flavour to the sunflower seeds, making them a popular choice for those who enjoy a smoky and savory snack.

These sunflower seeds are perfect for enjoying a long-lasting snacking experience, as the act of cracking them open adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction. David's Sunflower Seeds BBQ variety is ideal for those seeking a tasty, yet slightly healthier, alternative to traditional snacks. They're great for munching during outdoor activities, sports events, or simply as a flavourful snack to keep handy at your desk. The packaging is convenient, allowing for easy portability and snacking on the go. For fans of both sunflower seeds and barbecue flavours, David's Sunflower Seeds BBQ offers the best of both worlds.
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