Herr's Cheese Curls - Jalapeno Flavour Puffs - 7oz (198g)

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Herr's Cheese Curls - Jalapeno Flavour Puffs - 7oz (198g)

Jalapeno Flavored Cheese Curls. A delicious combination of classic hot wing sauce with tangy blue cheese, to create the perfect balance of spicy goodness.

Imported from the USA.
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Did you know? - In 1951 the Herr's Business nearly ended when a fire had broken out in there only factory destroying all there stock and equipment, luckily with perseverance and determination the business was bought back from the brink by the company founder James S Herr's.

Herr's is the company that took the regular potato chip and transformed it into a flavoursome taste explosion that gets better with each and every bite. Each chip is coated in the perfect amount of seasoning and flavour, and this is why Herr's have the reputation as the king of crisps. Unlike most crisp brands, Herr's has flavours has a wide range of truly tasty flavours not seen elsewhere.

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